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Declamation is open to all 7th and 8 grade students. Click Here for a registration form.


Declamation is an  exercise in oratory or elocution, as is the recitation of a classic speech (      


Declamation does not include either poetry or dramatic readings.  To clarify: Declamation is an historical speech written and delivered by the original author. 

Practice Schedule:

*Last practice before SILRS Declamation Contest 


Other Important dates:

The SILRS Declamation Contest: Friday 4/3/20 from 8:30 to 10:30. Parents are welcome. - CANCELED

  • A male and female winner will be chosen from each grade level (7th and 8th) to progress to the county.

County Declamation Contest: ??? at Berks Catholic  

  • One male and one female will be chosen at the County contest to progress to the Diocesan level.

Diocesan Declamation Contest:  ???

Rules for the Diocesan Declamation Contest can be found here.

Click here for Sample Ballot

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