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Kitchen Kapers

















Kitchen Kapers is a cooking contest for all 6, 7 and 8th grade school and PREP students. The students choose a recipe from one of the categories, make the item at home and then bring it to the school to be judged. Prizes are awarded to the top winners in both the boys’ and the girls’ divisions. The top winner in each category is then invited to submit the same item in the county competition.  


Available Categories are:







Bread/Yeast Product

Death by Chocolate




Kitchen Kapers will be held at St. Ignatius in the Spring of 2023. 

All first-place winners are invited to attend and must enter the same dish they prepared for the St. Ignatius Contest. Recipes must be submitted with the County entry. 

If the First place Winner can not make it to Counties, the Second Place winner may go instead. If anyone has questions, please contact Renee Langdon-

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